Burger Menu On Desktop Version

Hi, I’m sorry to bug you here! But I can’t quite figure out whats tripping, I uploaded my site (from local to live) and noticed that the lovely sticky menu I had before had somehow ended up as a little mobile menu and the header no-longer being sticky, I tried disabling all plugins although it was working fine prior on my local version and no dice, I wasn’t sure if it was possibly theme related? My site can be viewed at tymcooper.xyz

Any pointers would be amazing, thank you

Edit: Disabling Elementor seems to have fixed things, possible the recent Elementor Patch isn’t sitting pretty with Sydney ?
Also highly possible I am a moron


I’ve just checked your website and your menu looks okay now with Elementor activated, have you already resolved this issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Well that is the really weird thing - I made no changes to the “Live” version of the site, I was viewing in in Incogneto view so as to avoid any cache issue. But it seems to have resolved itself this morning. I’ve honestly no idea behind cause of issues. But it seems to be solved.

Thank you.

Okay, thank you for confirmation.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.