Bug with moesia widget


First of all, thank you Vlad for your incredible Free theme !
I have a problem with my website, this is for a project with some students.

The “client” widget is not working properly (no carrousel) and that is the same for “fact” (stand to 0), even if the parameter are good.
Maybe the page model “Front page” is not working anymore, because I have a problem with my “blog” page too (nos actualités).

Do you have an idea on how to fix it ?

Thank you,


Sorry, that is my website’s project adress.

Thanks !


There isn’t a bug. The problem is that almost none of the scripts are loading on your site. Did you do some code changes? If not, try disabling all plugins except the ones recommended by the theme.
Same thing for your blog page, scripts aren’t loading so post positions aren’t calculated.

Thank you for the answer,
but it seems to be linked to MOESIA -> blank page now …
When I desactivate the plugins It doesn’t change anythink.
In fact, scripts are loading when I desactivate it an I change the theme.

Any idea ?

I have this message : on of c2c_ConfigureSMTP::options_page_description() should be compatible with C2C_Plugin_023::options_page_description($localized_heading_text = ‘’) in /home/edhecje/www/wp-content/plugins/configure-smtp/configure-smtp.php on line 47

But I don’t know what it does mean …

Another time, thank you for your work !

I came back to a blank page with that method : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/strict-standards-error

But doesn’t solve the core of the problem - a blank page while using moesia ^^