[Bug?] Website displaying differentely on Chrome and Firefox

Hi Sydney Community,

I allow myself to ask a question once again regarding a potential display bug.

Here is the website I am trying to create: http://www.emilie-nerot.com/

If you open it on Firefox (running the latest version), you will notice a big gap between the black and white cover picture and the first paragraphe (and a “moving” effect).

However, if you open it on Chrome (latest version too), the gap is correct and the “moving” effect is different, more static I would say.

It seems to work properly with Safari too.

Is there any way I can get a correct display on Firefox (I fear not but I prefer asking)?

A huge thank you



Not entirely sure why this happens on your site as the issue isn’t present on our demo site, but you can fix it by adding this in Customize > Additional CSS:

.header-slider {
	-moz-transform: none;

Hi Vlad! Thank you so much, it now words perfectly on Firefox!
If you need information I can provide about the potential bug, feel free to ask. :slight_smile: