Bug or what?

Please see the call to action widget on my page. The left CTB button is stuck to the same content and formatting no matter what changes I make in the back-end. please help. Advinor.com

Pretty sure it’s not a bug as the call to action widget has been the same since we released the theme.
Have you tried clearing your cache? Which exactly is the button you’re referring to and what should it say?

Yes I tried all different things… Almost spend 2 hours to fix this.

Here is how it looks on actual webpage-incorrect

Here is how it should look (which is does when I use live editor) -Correct

Yes, I did clear all cache multiple times. I also tried to load it again. I also tried to load another theme and load back sydney again.

Here is how the widget setup screen looks -Set-up screen


Please help soon !

Hello Awan, please help !

Hi, I am not sure what cause it but maybe you can try to create a new one widget-row (which is similar to) to cover it?