Bug on your own website athemes.com

Hi there,

one week ago (22.01.2020) we sent you a message via the contact form of your website athemes.com but didn’t get an answer. So now we try it via this forum and hope we will get an answer here, because we don’t know what to do else. Since it is your very own website that has a problem we chose “Feature Requests” as category - just because there is no category to be found that fits better.

Here ist the problem:

If we go into our account and click on “Purchase History” we see our purchases. Next to our purchase of the “Lifetime Access” plan we see the link “View Licenses” to manage our installed licenses. But when we click on this link the browser gets back to the page “Your profile” although the URL browsed to is “https://athemes.com/your-account/?action=manage_licenses&payment_id=#THE_ID#”. We don’t see any licenses there.
Second: When we then again click on “Purchase History” the “View Licenses” link in the “License Keys” column is missing then. We have to click on the “My Account” link in the top right main menu and then again on “Purchase History” on the left to get the “View Licenses” link back. But it doesn’t work after this anyway.

When will you fix this problem?

Many greetings,


Thank you for letting us know and sorry for not seeing your email.
We will handle this.


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The issue is solved.


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Hey vlad,

thank you very much. Had to delete the cache in Firefox but after that it worked.

One more thing: It would be nice to have a logout button somewhere.


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