Bug in theme Slider


We just installed the Sydney theme to one of our client’s website and got a bug on the slider.

When we face the bug:

  1. Open the home page
  2. Refresh once :-- The image will be at its original position
  3. Scroll down to “WHAT ELSE WE PROVIDE?” and refresh the site :-- The image will move slightly in downward direction
  4. Scroll down to “OUR TEAM” and refresh the site :-- The image will move more to the downward direction
  5. Repeat the same steps till the end of home page of this site. :-- The image is missing

Please help us with the solution to this issue.

Look forward hearing from you.

Gaurav Mistri
AK Systems Inc.


We’re aware of this but don’t have a solution at the moment. It’s caused by the parallax script.

For a temporary workaround you can add

<script type="text/javascript">window.onbeforeunload = function(){ window.scrollTo(0,0); }</script>

to the header.php file. This will cause the page to move the the top upon refresh. Kind of a duct tape solution but it works for the time being.

@tinytunafish: I actually have a different solution at the moment but I’m not sure I’ll implement it. The slider can be initialized on document load instead of ready. See at the end of main.js (main.min.js is the one used in the theme), you can move heroSection(); inside the load function.

@Vlad @Gaurav @tinytunafish
I can’t reproduce this bug, although I tried reproducing it in the way described by the TE.
But I had a weird flickering/jumping bug in some sub pages, where it would not let me scroll down the page, and instead snap me back to the top of the site. Also the top part of my site was pulled way under the header section, when this happened.
What I noticed was, that some javascript seemed to recognize my scrolling event. It then applied the sticky header and float header classes to my header.site-header (although I have sticky header disabled…)

These CSS classes were changing its position value from sticky to absolute in an endless loop, when I was trying to scroll down the page.

I uncommented the headerFixed function in main.js (lines 197-210) to solve the issue.

Is it possible that the slider bug is related to this problem as well?

@Saskia: Nope. The parallax script doesn’t play well with the slider script in the edge case described above. That’s why one of them would need to run on load instead of on ready.


I’m also using Sydney theme, and I also get a flickering in the bottom right-hand corner of the slider.

But in addition to this, on the second rotation (Ready to begin your journey?), I see four icons in the centre-right of the screen

  1. video camera
  2. still camera
  3. mode
  4. gallery

I have put a screenshot of it on my personal blog: