Bug in Sydney Social widget


There appears to be a bug in the Sydney Pro social widget.

Compare the two attached images. In Image 1, the social widget refuses to go to the left and the bottom of the page (www.badproducerproductions.com/garret), whereas WITH THE EXACT SAME SETTINGS the same widget formats correctly on another page (www.badproducerproductions.com/team-effort).

Please help.


I noticed you set two columns for social widget row in this page https://badproducerproductions.com/garret/

Please check your page builder and remove the empty column.


Hello, I don’t know what setting you mean. I have attached a screenshot showing only one column has been set.

Hello Are you able to help with this? I have not yet received a reply.


I am sorry for the delay.
I’ve checked the HTML code that produced by the page builder widget, screenshot:

In the screenshot you’ll see:

  • The outer red box is the row of the section
  • Two red box inside the row box is the columns. The first column contains the Testimonial widget which is empty and the second one contains the social media widget.

Can you check it one more time for the row and make sure if the column that contains the Testimonial widget exists?

Or if you can’t find what I mean, please try to rebuild the Social media section on this page