Bug in Moesia Pro saving header size

Hi there,

I am quite a newby to building my own website. Now I am running into the following challenge. When I changed the logo in the header picture to 900 in the Moesia free theme it got saved. Now I have installed Moesia Pro and now my logo stays tiny. I put the free version back, size does save.

So there seems to be something in the Pro version why it doesn’t work properly.

Help! :slight_smile:


Can you post your site URL here?




Hi, the site URL is not accessible.

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Hi Awan,

Try it this way.

Username : (hidden)
PW : (hidden)

Could you please take a look? It seems to be a bug in the theme because I don’t have it with the free version.


PS. I cleared literally everything in my browser, so that can’t be it.


Can you tell me how do you resize your logo?

I am try to resize the logo using this code and its working:

@media (min-width: 1024px){
  img.welcome-logo {
    width: 400px;
    max-width: 400px;


I can’t write code / html. So I use the customizer. -> welcome area. Welcome logo size it now says 800. But when you fill in 800 again you see that the logo size changes. Once I save it, it goes back to small…

So how and where are I supposed to put this code?


Ah okay… I think it’s better if you are using the code above to resize the logo image.
You can add the code to Customize > additional CSS.