Buddypress - Group Activity Comments broken

Hello dear Support

Recently I have set up a Website for my clan.
I Really like your theme, but since I was setting it up in my free time, I was a bit sloppy regarding testing.
I use multiple plugins, where the most relevant one would be Buddypress (and bbpress which integrates into buddypress).
After some days of fully customizing your theme so the clan members would like it, I was told that a Comment function wasn’t working anymore. (Since I was sloppy in testing I didn’t realize myself) If you select a single group within buddypress and you are a member of it, you can write comments which each group member then can see. (The groups are different games, so it’s one of the best ways of communication - something like “battlelog” - kust for multiple games on one Site)

Normalyy under each “activity” entry within a Group, there is a Comment field.
If you’d click on it it would “scroll in” a comment field beneath it. (A Comment field was moved underneath the Activityentry and the browser would scroll to it.)
With other Themes active this works. With your Theme active though, it still scrolls a tiny bit - but no Comment box appears. I couldn’t spot an Error within the Dev Console of Chrome and obviously something is executed, since th browser scrolls.
I couldn’t find the HTML content in the DOM Browser of the Dev Console either - but maybe it’s not at the place where I looked. (Which was right under the Code for the Activity entry)

What I did so far:
-Disabled all Plugins except buddypress (also disabled bbpress) (didn’t solved the problem)
-Changed a Theme in live preview (solved the issue)
-Changed theme actively to make sure (solved it again)
So, I’m pretty sure it’s related to the Theme itself.

Under each comment within the group itself there is a “comment” button.
If you click on it, the Comment textbox and buttons would scroll in underneath it.
When your Theme is active though, it doesn’t slide in - the browser still scrolls tiny bit, but no comment box appears - no error in the developer console. Baiscally nothing I could easily Troubleshoot or get behind it.

I would truely appreciate it if you could give me some hints what I could have a look at… I don’t “expect” you to present me a Solution right away, instead it would be awesome if you would have some Idea which I could look into. And if not, I could understand it too.
(I’m Sysadmin. So feel free to talk “techy”)

Server hosting: External, shared
Wordpress Version: 4.3.1
Theme Version: 1.05
Buddypress Version 2.3.4
Edited Functions.php with Function wihch gets rid of Wordpress Button in Header (top-left corner)
This would be the code

add_action( 'wp_before_admin_bar_render', function() {
global $wp_admin_bar;
}, 7 );

Otherwise everything is default.
URL: Girl-clan.de (Won’t be that useful I guess, except I would create a test Account for you)

I would be quiete happy for some hint if anyone would have one in his mind.
Have a good one, Tom.


That’s a lot of text :slight_smile:
Anyway, the issue is with our smooth scrolling code which we’ll need to handle.
For now you can open up main.js, search for smoothScroll(); and delete it.

Hi Vlad

Well I’m an “IT-Guy” Myself - I like it quite much when I have a accurate Problem description :wink:
Thank you very much for the quick awnser - I’ll test this as soon as I’m home again and will provide you Feedback.
Who Knows, maybe I understand the Problem good enough to fix it (even if it’s unlikely :wink: )

Keep the great work up!

The fix is actually easy, I just don’t have a Buddypress setup at the moment to see what the class is for the comment button so I can add it as an exception in the smooth scroll function. Would be useful if you can send a forums account for me at vlad[at]athemes.com so I can check it out.

Hi there

The fix worked, I assume you know that kind of Issue then =).
Thank you very much!
I sent the Mail with the Login credentials.
Feel free to make a test Comment on my “Status update” (Or however you want to call it)

If you Implement that in a new Version of the Theme and would need someone to test it, don’t hesitate to contact me again if I could help in anyway. (f.E testing live before releasing)

Have a good one Vlad, and again thank you for the great Support!