Browser issue


My website is having trouble with loading up on certain browsers such as Internet Explorer. Do you have a suggestion on how I can correct this? A suggestion on how to improve speed would also help. Please take a look:

Thank you!


What IE version are you referring to? If you mean IE9 you should update the theme, we’ve added something for it.
You can install a plugin like W3 Total Cache to increase speed and also do some loseless compression for your images.

I just updated the theme but the site doesn’t seem to load up at all on IE9. It’s just blank. Any other suggestions? My client wants to punch me in the face.

I added the W3 Total Cache as you suggested as well.

Thank you!

Sorry, I was so against adding support for IE9 that I missed something. Update it again please. Clear your cache if it’s needed. You can check out our demo page in IE9 now too, it should be okay.

Thank you! That seems to have helped. Much appreciated. I hate IE too.