Browser back button from post shows brief post image

I’m finding something strange happening. When I click on my posts from the post grid, the links work great. However, when I use the browser back button, the post images pop up briefly before the page goes back. This happens on Chrome and Edge, not on Firefox.

I’ve cleared my cache and disabled any extensions. Why would this be happening?

The site address is



I’d like to help. But, I am sorry, I can’t get your issue clearly.

Can you share a screen recording to help be better identify the problem you’re experiencing?

aThemes Support

A screen shot is here

I click on my post and it works fine. When I click the back button, the post image appears in large form on the screen as you can see in the video.


Thanks for the video!

Inspecting your code I saw you are using the widget from Orbit Fox plugin to show the posts, right ?


My suggestion for you is use the Sydney aThemes Posts to show your posts.


If you want to continue with the Orbit Fox plugin, you should contact their support about that issue.

We hope this helps and clarify!

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