Broken Theme? Problems with Page Builder

Thanks for the great work.

Last night I was updating my home page and switching to the daughter theme (not yet completed) - at some point my site stopped working. I have off loaded all the plugins and I have the site backup. As I reinstall the plugins - the one that looks to break my site is Page Builder. When its installed - the home page hangs. When its off - the home page works. I have removed cashing, removed MailChip, etc. I am only running Askimet and Updraft Plus at the moment. see

What do I do?


Update- I did a restore from a previous backup. But I am curious why Page Builder could break the site.


Are you running the latest version of the Page Builder at the moment?
I don’t see how it could break your site by itself - if it did we would have a bunch of topics about this around here considering we have a couple of themes that run with Page Builder.
It might conflicted with another plugin.
Did you see an error or something?

I didn’t get any error. I had made a bunch of changes with the services and experimented with using the widget for type a services to display content with a different slug name (services) and the site went down. Before recovery with from a back up - it seemed that only the page builder plug in was causing the crash as no other plug in was installed. - Perhaps too much experimentation on my part on the back end.? I was also trying to figure out how to improve cache performance. Any recommendations?

Can’t really say what caused without seeing. Especially as I don’t know what you mean by site went down. It can break in more ways. I assume your database got corrupted somehow.
You should use W3 Total Cache for performance. Please note that if this is what you were doing when your site went down it might very well be related.