Break the header title in two lines

I’m building up my lawyer website with Quill.
I’d like to break the header title in two lines.
Instead of having:
Maître Jérôme Piana, Avocat à Marseille

I’d like to have:
Maître Jérôme Piana
Avocat à Marseille

Now I can only write “Avocat à Marseille” within the subtitle.

Is it possible?
I’ve tried to put some space bar between “Piana” and “Avocat” to force it to break the line but it does not work.

Thank you.

Hello there,

Sorry, but such an option does not exist within the theme. As you have noticed, you can only add second line within the subtitle.

Altering default functionality will require some custom coding, and we are not in position to handle such requests. You will have to contact Codeable for modifications.

Best Regards!

Thanks for your quick answer on a sunday!
Best regards