Breadcrumbs not showing how I want it to


I would like for the breadcrumb to show the path instead of just the page you are on. For example, my site if you go to menu item QuickBooks a dropdown shows then click QuickBooks Services and then QuickBooks Consulting. What shows in the breadcrumb is just QuickBooks Consulting. I would like for it to show QuickBooks | QuickBooks Services | QuickBooks Consulting.


Hello there,

How did you enable the breadcrumbs on your site? Could you please explain to me?

Did you use this function in your child theme?

    add_action('sydney_after_headert', 'sydney_child_enable_breadcrumbs');
    function sydney_child_enable_breadcrumbs() {
      if( is_home() || is_archive() || is_single() || is_page() ) {

If requires YOAST SEO breadcrumbs enabled.



In the Additional CSS section, at one point I didn’t want the breadcrumb and used this code to remove it:

    /* to remove the breadcrumb page title all pages */
    .page .hentry .entry-header {
        display: none;

Then I wanted it back for SEO purposes and used my Chrome developer tool to locate the breadcrumb item and then got the code for it that is below. I changed the font-size.

    .hentry .title-post {
        font-size: 15px;
        line-height: normal;
        padding-bottom: 0px;
        margin: 0;

It has been awhile since I installed the theme and cannot remember how the breadcrumb was set up in the original theme.


Hello there,

Could you please try this code to enable Sydney Pro’s breadcrumb? Then we can start with it as it’ll be easier for me to assist you.