Bouncing balls on load page

When I select this theme, the site does not load. I only receive the red bouncing load balls. I tried disabling many of the plug ins and still no luck. The site is at:

It there anything else needed? Can anyone help?

I finally disabled enough to make it work. Thank you anyway. Not sure what it was, but I might found out soon since I am redoing the site. I may have more questions that I will ask in another post. Thank you.

Hello there,

Great! That you figured it out.

Common problem that can cause such this issue is either JavaScript or PHP error found in your plugins or custom code you might add.

The easiest way to check PHP error is by using Error Log Monitor plugin. For JS, use the web browser’s console.


Thank you! I will check it out!

I am having the red bouncing ball issue.



Hello there,

I wrote you a reply for this already in your own topic with CSS code solution.

Let me know if you haven’t yet received it.

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