Borders, paypal button and editing shop check-out

Hi all,

I’ve searched through the forums for answers, but still not able to make the changes I’d like - so hoping for some help or direction.

Please note the website is an adult store:

I’m trying to remove the borders from the newest added products on the first page, the code I’ve found here will only remove them from the related products on the items pages.

Also, wondering if there’s a way to change the positioning and such of the Paypal button and if it’s possible to include a blurb about paying via e-transfer - because it only says proceed to check-out.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Here is the CSS code to remove the border of the product items:

.products-loop .woocommerce ul.products .owl-item li {
    border: none;

And this to align the Paypal button to left:

.wcppec-checkout-buttons {
    text-align: left;

Can you describe this more details?

Hi awan,

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help!

At the end, where it says ‘proceed to checkout’ or ‘pay with paypal’, is there a way to add text below or above?
I’d just like to let a cx know that e-transfer is a choice when they get there


Ah, I see… just some text, right? then you can put this code below using javascript plugin:

var checkoutText = 'Hello World';

Perfect, thank you very much!