Border settings


My website:

You see three individual posts. How can I change the border-settings of a post at the homepage? For example no border, or change color, etc…

Thanks in advance!


I see you’ve already set custom borders on your posts?

I tried several options, but I don’t seem to manage to change or delete the border of a post in the homepage. The element is set to show a border with style 1px solid #212121. But I can’t find these style-settings in the CSS to change or remove them?

That’s why I thought you’ve already changed it, that border doesn’t come from the theme. The theme has a double gray border which you can see in the theme demo in on the blog page. So if you didn’t add the #212121 border, then it must come from a plugin.

You can add this to a custom CSS plugin to overwrite it (and change #212121 to the color you want):

.hentry {
   border: 1px solid #212121 !important;

Thanks, it worked!

I don’t know which plugin causes the border-change, but your code worked. I wasn’t familiar with the !important part…

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: