Border Control

First of all, fantastic theme!

I’m now setting up some details for my site, and i’m struggling with the borders.
I have below questions:


  1. How can I control the border indicated in above pic under 1. I prefer to not have it visible.
  2. The double line under 2 is the border between the page title and the body. How can I make this not visible?

Then, on the Moesia demo page I see a thin line between two elements (
3) How can I create this line as a separation between the elements?

Thanks in advance!

Just figured out 3) by ‘accident’: when adding new rows using the page builder for the main page, it will automatically create a ‘divider line’…

Add this to a custom CSS plugin to remove those borders:

.hentry .post-content,
.single .hentry,
.page .hentry,
.entry-header {
   border: 0;

Great thanks, Vlad!

Thanks, it works!!!