Book Review mode


Hi -

Firstly, let me thank you on the theme. It is beautiful theme and the best I have seen till date that is free for reviews. I have seen a lot in the past 50 days so that is saying something.

The problem I have is that, I am using this for book review. I am using the plugins that you have recommended.

  1. YASR - has multi ratings and there is an over all rating. Their sizes do not match and also they are not vertically aligned (I mean the text of the overall rating and stars are misaligned) so I have to use an additional row of multi ratings for my sites ratings.

  2. The CSF does not have book ratings. I am trying to import movie reviews and then modify it but the modified fields are not showing up. Is it important to keep the slugs as is in the fields (As I definitely have to change the display names - can’t have actors in a book review!)

  3. If I try to create a new CSF field group, I am not able to view it. (I know that it is a question for CSF plugin developer), but since you seem to have some hooks to use, I thought you might be able to give me some easy ways to do it.

That is all for now and thanks a lot.
PS: I am not able to give you my sites info as it is behind countdown screen. (