Blurry shop images on ipad

Hi there,

We have an issue with our shop thumbnail images.

On desktop pcs, macs, laptops and mobile phones, (both android and apple mobile phones) all the images are fine.

On iPads, the thumbnail images on the shop ‘catalogue’ page and the main product images on the individual product pages are super blurry.

The rest of the images in each products image gallery are fine, it is just the main product images.

How do we resolve this?


Can you please post a link to your shop page so we can check?

Hi Vlad,

This is the link to the shop. However as it is in development you won’t be able to access it without permission from our CTO.

The bug is ipad specific. The images display totally fine on every other device.


Well, I’ll need to actually see the page to see what’s wrong.

I assume you’re using Woocommerce for your shop? As a quick suggestion, could you try uploading an image with a higher resolution for one of the products?

What ipad are you using?

Unfortunately I can’t give you access as our CTO isn’t available today. I can see if he can sort this out for you tomorrow. (The website isn’t live yet! we are hoping to release it next week.)

We are using Woocommerce. I have tried uploading higher res images and lower res images, to no avail. I have tried images from 600x600 up to 2000x2000, all of which appear blurry on the tablet.

All of the images I have tested have displayed fine on all other devices, including iphones.


Okay then, one more thing I would like you to try: could you switch for a bit to one of the default WP themes and see if the issue is still present? Or to any other theme.