Blurry image on header slideshow

hello sir,

My problem is, the slideshow header image became stretching and blurry when its fit in front page, how to fix this issues? my resolution is 100 for the image.

thanks in advance

Hello @thebiskut,

Can you please provide a link to your website?

Kind Regards, Roman.

hi @Roman,

this is my link

fyi…i already try the other step that other user got, but it seems none of them are working.also, i want the image looks like header that public can see all of the slideshow image i made, because right now it looks like it cut at the bottom… i know u design it like that (image full), but can u show/guide me the other alternative that i can do?


Hello @thebiskut,

  1. Please try to use Full HD images in your slider, 1920×1080px.

  2. I don’t think that there is an easy solution, please check this topic:

Kind Regards, Roman.