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how do I delete the white space between the image and the header?
Current site:
I want to leave it this way:

How do I delete the option that shows the date the post was created? And how do I leave only the title and image before opening the post? (I want to hide the written content before it is opened)


Try adding the below CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard. .page-wrap, .page-wrap .content-wrapper {
      padding-top: 0;
      padding-bottom: 0;

Then set 0px padding top and bottom on the first row of your post by going to edit row > Row Styles > Layout > enter 0 into the “Top/bottom padding” box.


Try adding this extra custom CSS code:

    .blog .hentry .meta-post,
    .blog .hentry .entry-post,
    .archive .hentry .meta-post,
    .archive .hentry .entry-post,
    .search .hentry .meta-post,
    .search .hentry .entry-post {
      display: none;


  1. ok

  2. Is there a way I can just leave as many characters as I want? For example show content only the first 50 characters

Hello there,

Under the Appearance menu of your site admin, go to Customize > Blog options > under the “Content/excerpt” enable “Check this box to display the full content of your posts on all archives.” and define the length of the excerpt.