Blog - translation problem

Hallo again,
I have problem with translation.

On my web page on my Blog (called “Artykuły”) there is no translation form EN to PL. There is for example:

  1. “See all our news” => button
  2. “Posted on” => blog page
  3. “Posted in” => blog page
    What can I do with that?



If you edit the widget you’ll notice you can add your own text for the button. The other two need to be translated manually using the pot file, though you’ll need to wait for the next version.

I’ve changed the button. Thank you :slight_smile:

How long do I have to wait for the next version of software? Is it more like a week, a month or a year?

If I make manually translation what is going to happen when the new version of software appear? My manually translation will stay or the new software will overwrite my changes?

I think the new version will be out today. Doesn’t depend on us though.

Any file that is not part of the theme gets removed when you update the theme. If, by any chance, you do a full translation then we can include those files in the theme directly.

Ok. So I’ll look to find out how to use this pot file first. But I can also understand that if I use it, it would be just a temporary solution. And that I have to check what would happen after software’s update.

What exactly do you mean by full translation and possibility to include it directly in the theme?

Translating from the .pot file is not really a temporary solution. It’s more or less the only solution you have unless the theme provides translation files for your language. You can use the Loco Translate plugin to do the translations.

By full translation I mean translation of all theme’s English strings. If anybody gives me .po and .mo files for a certain language I can include them in the theme and everybody who’s running WP in that certain language will benefit from them, without having to worry about updates because they’re always going to be there.

Ok. Now I’v got program “Poedit” on my local disc and I can translate from EN to PL. I can get access to “Sydney.pot” via FTP. I used path: wordpress/wp-content/themes/sydney/languages. I opened “Sydney.pl_PL.po” using “Poedit”, made translation for two sentences “Posted on” and “Posted in” and put back “Sydney.pl_PL.po” on path: wordpress/wp-content/themes/sydney/languages. But I can’t see any changes. Please tell me what am I doing wrong?