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I would like to know how to add a text header to my Blog page,, as I did on this page I used the same Widget, so not sure why it’s not working.

Thank you,

Hello Esteban,

Your other page is Blog page, like the one in our demo and as you can see you cannot add any content to it, this is default WP functionality. In fact you can add content with page Builder but it will not be displayed on the page.

Changing this will require building separate blog page template, but this is custom coding, and we are not in position to handle such requests. If you want to implement this functionality you should contact Codeable.

All the Best!

Thanks for looking into it. I understand :frowning:

Thanks for understanding Esteban,

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Sure. I see so many requests through your Forum and you all have helped me quite a bit, so it is understandable when something just requires above normal forum assistance. From my point of view, you provide stelar service and your response time is awesome! I’ve worked with folks (not in your company) that eventually reply, maybe 4-5 days later and that can be very aggravating when I am trying to get rolling with my sites - so thanks very much.

Looking forward to my next big build with you other templates.

ps. I have tried to give a 5 star rating several times, but each time I try it asks me to logging Wordpress and for some reason it says credentials invalid, but I use those for my site build with Sydney, so not sure what the problem is.

Review can be added here but you have to use credentials from registration on wp org not credentials for the theme.

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