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Okay my blog is looking really ugly :frowning:

Is there a way to skip the blog “page” and just display fully all my posts whenever people click on “blog”? I basically don’t want that extra page where it summarized all my posts (and doesn’t display any of my photos, which is really ugly). I just want all my posts to fully show one after another, like here for example.

Can anyone suggest a solution or perhaps a place where I can learn all about tricking out my blog page?

thank you :slight_smile:

See Customize > Blog options if you want to display the full contents of your posts.
Note that featured images are displayed on your blog if you have them set, just like here:

Hi Vlad,
I already played around with all the settings under customize and blog options and none of them display the full entire post. I’m not clear on your answer about the images. The link shows the images, but you’re saying it’s not possible for me to display my images?


Sure they do. See Customize > Blog Options > Content/excerpt. Maybe I’m not understanding exactly what you’re trying to do, but those two checkboxes right there do exactly that, display the full content of your posts on the blog index or on the archives.

I don’t know what images you’re referring to. Featured images get displayed by default and can be hidden from Blog Options. Inner images aren’t displayed if you’re showing only the excerpt on your blog index.

Hi Vlad,

The link I originally posted at the beginning of this thread is what I wish for my blog to look like, one fluid page when you click on “blog”. My link //link removed is not what it looks like at all. Under customize I have selected the classic view and checked the box “Check this box to display the full content of your posts on all archives.” I have images inside my posts that do not display and I’ve set the “Excerpt length” to 50000 to make sure it always covers a lot more than I will ever write in a post.

Is this more clear of what I’m trying to accomplish? Can you please delete my link after this?

Images don’t display in excerpts. HTML doesn’t display at all in excerpts.

By any chance, are you showing manual excerpts for your posts? I mean, did you fill the excerpt field in your post editor?

No I did not do it manually.

So, is there a way to just bypass the “blog” page and go straight to posts? And have all the posts fluid on one page?

Disable infinite scroll for a bit and share a screenshot of your Blog Options please.

Don’t think I understand exactly how you want to bypass the blog page. That’s where the posts are being shown.