Blog posts not lining up

When using a static front page and setting the Home Page layout to single column, the blog posts don’t line up.

Yeah, there is a small issue there. Thanks for pointing that out.
Add this for now at the bottom of your style.css (Appearance > Editor - it’s the file that opens automatically):

.hentry {
   overflow: auto;
.archive .format-image .entry-thumb {
   margin: 0;

I am struggling with this one too. The code you have written doesn’t work… or at least for me.

Can you post a link please?

Sure, I want it to look like the official theme (3 columns) but when i press on “3 columns” it still shows only 1 and it is a bit frustrating…

Any solution, Vlad?

Sorry, looks like I missed this one. I’ll be back a bit later with an update for the theme.

If you can add it as a page template (full width, about me…) it would be great.

Thank you for your work and i hope you get this done, cause this page template is crucial for me.

Not sure I follow, add what exactly in a page template?

A new version that solves this should be available in your dashboard.

Thank you very much! [Solved]