Blog Post Formating

Hello Support,

I’m relatively sure, this problem has a quick a simple fix, but it’s got me stumped at the moment…

I’d like the blog posts to appear here:

as they do here:

i.e. with the tags: “Posted on March 5, 2016” “Coerte” “Posted in Beer”

I’d also like to have each post separated with a small line, as displayed in the sydney demo. Is there a box to check for this that I haven’t been able to fine? :slight_smile:


To display the post meta in the blog index page, go to Appearance > Customize > Blog Options > uncheck the checkbox that says “Hide post meta on index, archives?”

I thought that the line is already there


Ah, right! The line is in there, it was being covered up by the “edit” button, as I was logged into to Wordpress at the time. Thanks!

And yep, that checkbox did it, I knew it was something right in front of me, thanks!