Blog page won't format paragraphs

Have created business website with static page and Blog page. Blog post previews show paragraphs formatted as desired, but no paragraphs when published. Solid text. Formatting classic, but have tried other formatting offered on Blog options for Sydney to see if it helped and it didn’t. Have tried adding <p> and <brk> manually, works on preview but doesn’t show on published page. Switched theme to 2017, Blog post showed paragraphs. Have not added any code other than as described above. Working in Parent, not child. Disabled all plugins/widgets, didn’t help. Everything else on site formatting and looking just as I want. I am new to this.


Those unformatted paragraph because the blog page using excerpt mode, you can manage it from: Customize > Blog options > Content/Excerpt > then tick “Check this box to display the full content of your posts on the home page.” option.


Thank You Awan, problem solved! Really appreciate the help.