Blog page showing "index of /blog parent directory"


Hello Sydney team,

This following problem comes back again

The file manager automatically creates a folder called “blog”

It results in our blog page disappears and this image
shows up

After deleting the “automatically created” blog folder from the file manager, our original blog page gets reinstated with all our material in it.

We have deleted and re-deleted the automatcially created blog folder for more than 20 to 30 times.

This automatically created blog folder shows up after two to three days after deleting it from the file manager.

Kindly assist.

Hello there,

Our theme and WordPress itself won’t create that folder in the site’s root directory. I am really clueless why this problem occurs on your server. Sorry, but I would kindly recommend you seeking an assistance to your hosting support as it is beyond the theme-related issue.


Dear Kharis,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

On contacting our hosting support, they confirm according to their findings, the theme is self creating the “blog” folder.

Their servers would not have such possibility to create individual commands, and in any case, they hosting company would not benefit from creating such commands to cause nuisance to its existing customers.

Please may you advise if there are questions I can ask our hosting support in order to confirm its their server creating such issues.

Await your reply.

Best wishes,

Dear Magna,

Our theme had been reviewed by the WordPress Theme review theme before it went live for public download. It passed strict review process. I believe that it doesn’t contain any harmful code. I am curious if this issue also to happen even with the default WordPress theme. Please temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen.


Hi Magna -

Did you ever resolve this problem? I seem to be having the exact same issue.