Blog Page Set-up

hey team,

how do I designate a certain page to be the blog homepage?



In the customizer, please open the HomePage Settings and choose “Your latest posts”


But I don’t want it to be my website’s homepage.
I want to designate a certain page to display my lastest posts.
does that make sense?

I see… then you can set the page template to use the “Default” template page.
You can change the option when edit the page, it’s on the right hand side - page attributes section.

so, just by setting the the page template to default will allow that page to display my latest posts when the specific permalink is clicked?

what happens when you have multiple pages with that template then?


Eh, wait… did you mean that you want to display the blog post (latest post) in another page (not the homepage)? I was thinking you are asking for the page layout (design) for the post page.

So, to answer your question, you can activate the page builder in your page then add the “Post loop” widget.

Perfect, that was my question! thank you.