Blog page & posts overlapping header

Hi I am building a site for a client and have set a static front page and designated the blog page. But when I view the blog page and post page the title and sidebar are overlapping the main navigation.

How can I get the title, post excerpt and sidebar to sit below the main navi as per the other pages?

The site is but it is currently showing a coming soon page. Have attached a screenshot.

Blog header issue

Hello there,

Please, share your page link with us, we have to inspect the page in order to check overlapping issue.

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Please look here:

As you can see the header appears to be overlapping the content area and you cannot click any content within this area e.g. the post title. It is the same on the post page

As you will see on the other pages the header also sits very low, although I have got around this by using page builder widgets and adjusting the padding.

Any help much appreciated!

Hello again,

If you are not using header image, then you have to set Appearance > Customize > Header Area > Header Type > Site header type to No header (only menu).


Thank you - I had tried that but only looked at it in the customizer screen which makes it look awful. Having saved it and looked at it full screen I can see that resolves the problem!

You’re welcome,

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