Blog page navigation

I’ve set up the theme as recommended but when I create new blog posts they don’t sit in the blog subfolder but are separate pages.

At the moment the navigation is my-site/blog/ then my-site/new-blog-post. I want it to be my-site/blog/new-blog-post.

I’m currently working on my localhost as we’re working on a complete redesign of the live site and moving from Joomla to Wordpress so don’t have a link to show you an example.

Is it possible to make the blog page navigation work as I want? I notice for your blog you don’t use the conventional way and a new blog post doesn’t use a subfolder.

There is no conventional way, everything related to the link structure is handled by WordPress and you can change it at Settings > Permalinks.

Thanks for replying so quickly Vlad. I’ve had at look at the permalinks settings and this doesn’t solve the problem.

It seems the way the theme is set up means there’s no way to have all blog posts coming from my-site/blog subfolder. The blog page is simply a standalone page where you can then link to blog posts. The default blog page with this theme can’t be set as a parent like other pages you can create. Is that correct?

I want the blog posts in the blog subfolder so the navigation of the site is always clear. Is there a way I can do this?

Thanks for your help with this.

Again, this is not something related or handled by the theme. And the static front page/blog page setup which you mention is also not specific to Sydney. That’s a WP core feature.

Two solutions come to mind:

  • from Settings > Permalinks, set a custom structure like - the downside is that it will prefix custom post types too;
  • from the same place choose to have categories in your single posts structure and make sure you add your posts in a category called Blog or whatever you need.

If these two aren’t acceptable - and they might not be - you’ll have to search for a tutorial to modify your htaccess or find a plugin that can prefix your posts url.

Hi Vlad. Really appreciate your time on this matter. I’ll have a look and see if I can find a solution. Thanks a lot.