Blog page management

Hello !

I was previously a SWEETHEAT happy user, especially with the blog management.

How ever , I don’t understand how Perth works…

I have setup this page as “articles page”

I would want to have a text before the list of articles but I can’t edit the page content : page builder rows are not taken in consideration… , what I can only have is the list of last articles with no possibility for me to choose how they look (like add a “read more” button"…)

thanks in advance for your help !


You cannot add rows on your blog page. That’s how it works in Sweetheat too because WP doesn’t consider it like a regular page.
However, if you really need it you can create a child theme, copy the home.php file, paste it in your child theme and then add the text you need directly in the file.

You can find blog options in Customize > Blog options, but a read more button isn’t part of the design.

thanks for your answer !