Blog page layout

Hey guys,

What page template/widgets should I use to get a Blog Page looking like yours : ?
I love the big sized pictures and the calendar on the side bar.

Right now my Blog Page looks like this:
I used the Latest News plugin from Sydney but it doesn’t do :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your help!!

You don’t need to ‘build’ your blog page. You just need to go to Customize > Static Front Page and select Blog or whatever else page for the blog posts. Then you can go to Blog Options and customize it a bit if you need. It is shown in the documentation :slight_smile:

Woops, it was as simple as that! I’m so sorry! Thanks Vlad :slight_smile:
I’m still not seeing the calendar on the side bar though… any pointers on this?

Add the Calendar widget to your sidebar.

I can’t believe I had to ask you this :wink: sorry again for my newbieness and thank you VERY much because I finally managed to get what I wanted!!! You guys are awesome!!