BLOG page Layout

Hi Vlad,

  1. how can I modify the Blog page layout to get a side bar menu
  2. Header picture doesn’t show up and I don’t understand why? Settings are the same as on the other pages.

Pls help!

Thanks in advance

Hello, I will try to help.

  1. You think sidebar probably? If you set your blog page just go to Appearance > Widgets and put your desired Widgets into Sidebar.

  2. Setting header pic is as simple as this:

If you want suggested image just click on it and save.

Post your website link for me to check it.

Hi dimikjones,

Thanks for your reply, reg my question about changing the layout of my blog page - I am fine

But main problem is: I have 4 pages :Home, About, Shop, Blog & News…
All pages are fine, except the one named Blog&News.
Here the header image does not appear, although the settings are exactly the same as on the other pages.

Can you pls help?


I don’t know how it is possible, maybe it is related to disableing the header background on all pages except the front page: Appearance > Customizer > Welcome Area ??

Post me your website link.

Hi Di,

I’ve tried this but it did not work. here is the link:

Thanks for your help

Hi Iris, have you changed something in some of theme files? Blog page is pulling CSS class .has-slider which is available when you set slider for theme.

Hi Di,

no I haven’t changed anything in the theme files. What do I have to do with that CSS class info? Can I delete it somewhere?
What if I simple build the page again and delete that one ?

Well yes, I wanted to suggest that you delete your current blog page, create another one and assign it from Customize > Static Front page.

Let me know what happend.


Now: I’ve created a new blog page and assigned from Customizer > Static Front page - but this doesn’t show me anything on the blog page. If I choose Customizer > default layout - I can see the sidebar, the box for comments, but: I don’t see any post !!!

What is wrong now?

pls have a look at this link again:

Hi, just set your newly created blog page from customiser.

Here is the link.

I tried to set custom image for blog page but it wont show. When I checked code it seems that custom image for header can only be shown for single pages as documentation says.

Currently only way is to set header image for all pages. In this way your home and blog page will have same images and then you can set custom images for other pages.

Here is the link

Or think about using slider??

Hi Iris,

I still had an account from you so I had a look (hope that’s okay). The thing is that you didn’t assign your blog page as a blog page and also you had the slider activated without actually having any slides. I made the changes and now all should be good in case I’m not missing anything.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your great help! It all looks good now. Just for me to understand:

where did I make the mistake? Where should I have the Blog page assigned as a blog page ?



Customize > Static Front Page. The same place where you already properly assigned your front page.