Blog Page and Blog Post Page Questino


Is there any way to add rows and widgets to the blog page and blog post page? I want to add something above the footer but don’t seem to be able to access these pages or template pages.



You have to edit theme files in order to achieve this. Files are theme folder / content.php for blog listing, and theme folder / single.php for single post.

Here I have created example , and results are:
blog page -
single post -

Beside this, we cannot help you further, because your question is outside the loop of free support. Thanks for understanding.

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Great. Is there a way to copy the css from the widgets that I make using page builder for my other pages so I can paste that in? Or is there no public file to find that information for our websites?

If there is a way, can you tell me which file that is or where I would go to find that file.



Sorry, I really don’t know for such a file. Maybe you should contact plugin developer regarding that .

But you can use this plugin to duplicate posts

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Thanks man


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