Blog "Nothing Found" When Not Logged In

When I am logged in, I can see my blog posts. But when I am not logged in, I cannot see any of the posts and it says “Nothing Found”. The page is not

Here is my blog URL:

Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I have already cleared my history, caches, and cookies.

When not logged in:

When logged in:

The blog post page in the user dashboard:

Hello there,

In your site admin, ensure your posts are publicly published.


Double checked… both the page and the posts show they are “published” and “public”.



Any other ideas?

Interesting… I fixed it.
All the posts that were only showing up when I was logged in were categorized in a category called “Uncategorized”. I made a new category (just randomly called it “Quick Thoughts” and any posts I unchecked “Uncategorized” for and check “Quick Thoughts” for worked would show up to users not logged in. I don’t know why-- but this worked!

If anyone else is having a problem, this solved it for me.
My url is no longer at /blog, it’s now at