Blog - insert picture of author in blog page header

Is it practicable to insert a small picture say 180 x 180 px of the blog author in the header of the blog page which will also appear on the blog page header?

If so how would I do that?

I do not want to insert picture into the text body of the blog pages as I expect that would take up far more storage space on my hosting account.

Hello there,

Any theme which is hosted on repository doesn’t have such that feature as it is plugin’s territory. Using a plugin will be your best bet. There are some plugins which allow you do such that objective. One of them is Author Bio Box. This plugin renders the author’s avatar from external source; it uses Gravatar profile associated with author’s email address. However, it doesn’t display at the top section. Thus you would need to do code adjustment/modification by yourself. We can’t get into code specific here as this support forum isn’t intended to provide third party plugin customization. Sorry :frowning: