Blog Index Page Not Displaying Correctly


For some reason, the Blog page that should be indexing all the blog posts isn’t showing up correctly. The url is: I have the settings set as static with the Homepage being Home and the Posts page as Blog. It used to show up correctly but not sure why it’s not now. Thanks!



I’ve just checked that page and it looks like this issue is already resolved, is it correct?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thanks for the response Roman, but I still see the problem. On my browser, I still see that the Blog page has “Blog”, “Home”, “Messages”, “Contact”, “About” and “Articles” as headers but not blog post excerpts, like it used to have.




Hello Karen,

First you can try to temporarily deactivate all plugins except Live Composer and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.


That did help, I found the plugin that is causing the problem. Thank you! But my client needs to use that plugin (the MailChimp by MailMunch one) so not sure why, all of a sudden, the site would have a problem with this particular plugin. Any thoughts?


Hello Karen,

You can try to use another plugin, for example this one:

Kind Regards, Roman.