Blog image size in home page

hello, anyone can help me?

i set up the latest blogs in hoe page, which show 3 blogs at once…

however the image size are cropped so the margins are not able to see, i mean the words of the original blog image (in blog archive is ok) are now cropped.

how can i make those images in home page…shrink correctly? tried to adjust the size of image for many times but didn’t work.

Images in blog page looks ok (though it’s a bit big) but problems is the image in home page are not fit into that little square.


Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

I guess you are using “Sydney FP: Latest New” widget on your homepage. Basically, the featured image size in that widget is different. To apply the same size as in the single page, you should edit the widgets/fp-latest-news.php file. Replace this line:

<?php the_post_thumbnail('sydney-medium-thumb'); ?>


<?php the_post_thumbnail('sydney-large-thumb'); ?>

Upload the changes. You might need to regenerate the new thumbnail size by using this plugin if the modification doesn’t automatically take any difference.


hi Kharis,

thanks for your prompt repl and sorry for my late response.

don’t know much about css or programming stuffs so it needs time for me to digest what you mean

well…i am using child sydney theme . you are right, i use the latest news widget and the picture show in home page doesn’t look good as its cropped all margins.

tried to locate the php file you mentioned…can’t find in my child theme “editor”, shall i select sydney thme to change the css? what if Sydney update the theme? all the css will be changed?

i thought the reason why i use child theme is because what ever extra change i made will not be disturbed by parent sydney theme once they updated. that’s what i heard from others so i thought i need to use the child them.

thanks for your help in advance.

Hello there,

Unfortunately the file I mentioned can’t be overridden via child theme. You must do it directly from parent theme. Once you do updating the theme in the future, you must do this adjustment again. There is no way other than that, sorry. :frowning: