Blog format

I am trying to change the blog layout but when I try to edit this under the customizer (blog options) nothing happens/




Could be a conflict with one of your plugins. You mind disabling some of your plugins and check again?

which plugins?

i have tried this. no luck…should i disable all?

Yeap, all but the ones recommended by the theme. Just to clarify, you are able to select the options you want but you’re not able to save? Or what happens exactly?

i deactivated all the plugins and still the blog wont change.

i am able to go to blog options under the customizer menu and click one of the four options. however, the blog layout does not change.

is there any way you can go into my websites back end and look?

i am at my wits end and would like to see if you can take a pop.

if so i can give you the information to log in

thank you!

Yeap, send it to vlad[at] and I’ll check it out.

Just to note something before: I checked your site and I see you’re building you’re blog page with the Page Builder plugin using a widget. The options from Blog Options cannot affect your blog page if it’s not an actual blog page.

Do this please: stop using Page Builder on that page, go to Customize > Static Front Page and make sure you selected the page you want for your Latest Posts.