Blog and posts settings : where are they?

Hi everybody,

Strange, I cannot find the blog settings for the Blog page and the posts… may be I am a little sleepy today ?!
I mean, whether you can :

  • show metas informations or not if on Blog page or on Posts,
  • put the post title before the image,
  • show the breadcrumb, etc.

I would also like to personnalize the comments : not just a simple rectangle but add before name/email…

Also, why all my categoties are not showed in the sidebar ?

Well, thanks again !


Hello Séve,

  1. You can configure it in Customize → Blog options section.

  2. Please check this topic:

  3. Please check this Astrid topic (it should work for Sydney Pro as well, I’ve just tested it):

4 and 5. Can you please provide more details regarding these issues?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman !

  1. = STYLE CUSTOMISATION (Style of the blog - classical, full size, masonnerie + posts full page)
    • CONTENT/EXCERPT (show entire content of posts on front page / in archives + Excerpt lenght)
    • META (hide meta on posts / in the archives)
    • IMAGES
      I mean, this not enough to customize posts on the blog compared to other templates I knew, so I think I didn’t find where it is !

  1. and 3. = thanks for these links I gave attention to them (It is not what I am looking for actually).

I know we can do more than that :

For instance I’m trying to :

A. on the front page : get the some of the meta (categories only) instead of… none. The rest is fine on the front page.

B. on the blog page : have the title of this page only (i removed on purpose title of all other pages with .page .entry-title {display: none; } but this is another topic !

C. on the blog page : have in the sidebar all the categories shown with the titles “categories”.
I’m thinking it might be because there are not yet articles in each categories… And YES that’s it !
It works (so it means just thinking with you is good !!!)

D. on the blog page : put the title before the image

E. on a post : customise the comments zone if possible !

Many thanks in advance for your help !

Hello Séve,

Please create a separate topic for each of your questions in order to make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.