Blocks and Menus

Hi sorry if this has already been covered but could find an answer to what is probably a simple question.
I have a front page in a Sydney theme to which I have added a block and a couple of rows (e.g. About & Contact Us). I would now like to link these to my menu so that the page scrolls down to the relevant block or row. I have tried creating custom links in the menu but unsure what to link them too ?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


For the custom link you’ll add something like this:


A - page ID, click on edit page and it’s in the url bar;
B - row position, starting from 0.

Thanks for the advice, is custom link the normal way or is there another way. I’m looking to be able to scroll to a “call to action” or “services type A”

Many thanks

Custom links from Appearance > Menus would be the way to do it. This isn’t something theme specific.

Thanks Vlad :slight_smile:


The links used to work fine on my site, however they stopped for some reason. They are still set the way you write, but after clicking they reload the page at the correct section instead of scrolling the page down.

P.S>> SOLVED! It was associated with the fact I added “www.” to the address, and didn’t add it on the menu’s.