Blockquote Widget

Hi Vlad,
Would it be possible for the Blockquote widget to respect tags like <p> or <br>?


Go to /widgets/fp-blockquote.php, find this <?php echo $blockquote; ?> and replace it with this <?php echo wpautop($blockquote); ?>.

You won’t need to add tags manually, you just need to tap the Enter key twice where you want your paraghraphs to end.

Hi Vlad,
I am afraid it did not work.
I deleted and recreated the blockquote, tags, double enters but there is no change…

That’s strange. Can you confirm that you replaced in this part and not somewhere else:

<blockquote><?php echo $blockquote; ?></blockquote>

Also, could you post a link to your website?

I am afraid I cannot provide the working link at this time.
My site is not published. I am working from the local server…

I updated the file on line 33.
Search showed no other matches.

Sorry, I thought I told you at some point how to remove the escaping from the blockquote, but that was someone else.

So you should look for this <?php echo esc_textarea($blockquote); ?>. It’s on line 115 and it’s the only one between <blockquote> tags.

Thank you very much Sir.