BlockQuote Widget Appear Randomly

Hi Vlad,

I have four different pages, that use four different block quotes. Yet, when I go to each of these pages, sometimes the block quote for a different page shows up.

That is to say lets say I have four pages: 1, 2, 3, 4 who are supposed to correspond to a unique block quote: A, B, C, D (so 1 should show A, 2 should show B, etc.) yet randomly blockquote C will show for 1, or page 3 will show blockquote A, etc. etc.

The blockquotes aren’t rotational are they? If so is there a way to disable that?

I have cleared my cache hundreds of times, disabled non-essiential plugins, and the issue only happens when I am not logged into WordPress (so I noticed it when I was testing cross browser).


That’s strange. No, they don’t rotate. Issues that happen when you’re logged in might be caused by caching plugin. I’m not sure if you meant you cleared the cache from the plugin (if you have one) or from your browser.

Can you post a link to your website please?

Thank you for the speedy reply Vlad!

I mean I have both flushed cache from WP, as well as on my browsers.

Well the issue doesn’t happen when I’m logged in, rather when I am logged out. It is definitely quote strange. Do you think it might be tied to using a “Duplicate Page” plugin, I had used to create the four pages?

It could be. It might not play nice with the Page Builder plugin. Anyway, the Page Builder plugin has an option to import the layouts created in other pages so there isn’t much reason for you to use the Duplicate Post plugin for this task.