Blockquote Glitch

Hey! Absolutely loving the theme, guys. I do have a problem with my block quote.

The widget can be added easily, edited etc., but when visiting my site, the first quote that you encounter ends up populating every single page as you click through. Most of my pages have different text within the widget, but this seems to be overridden somehow? For example, if you visit ‘What I Do’, then navigate to ‘Contact’, the ‘What I Do’ quote remains at the top.

I use the FP layout for every page - I’m guessing this could be the issue.

Here’s my site:

The problem has occurred on both desktop and mobile. Thanks!!

Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

Could you please edit those two pages then take screenshots of them? So I can see what is actually there. You can use file hosting service like to post your screenshots.