Blank space between bottom of page and sydney socials

Hey, in my contact page there is a blank space between bottom of page and sydney social widget, how can i fix it?


Use the front page template please for that page.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Can you also tell me how i can change the height of floating main menu so that site title and the menu items stay at the top of it.

You mean to move them at the very top? You can remove the padding using some custom CSS, but it doesn’t make much sense to do this:

.site-header {
     padding: 0;

No, I mean to make floating menu bigger (heigher), but to leave items at top, because when i make menu bigger items go move to middle. I want my floating menu to look like on this site

Yeah, I don’t get it. On the site you linked, that’s the default menu behavior. If you remove your custom code it will work exactly the same.
Anyway, you can increase the padding of the whole bar like this:

.site-header {
     padding: 30px 0;