Blank space below Services on front page

Please check

If you can see just below the services there is lot of blank space which was not there before.

Please let me know how i can get rid off.


Hello there,

After inspection of your page, I have noticed that there are strange empty rows inside last service item, and they are creating that space on your page

Try to edit your front page, and check if there are some empty rows in it. If not then edit that last service item and check its content, maybe you have placed those rows there.

All the Best!

Hello, I’m having a hard time with the original download for Sydney Pro. The “services” section that should show up when scrolling down on front page is still a blank space. Any advice? I already attempted to edit front page but the data says its there, its just not displaying.


Hello Kate,

Services section is showing on your site
If you have trouble uploading demo content, first make sure that you have imported settings file for types and try to repeat process of demo import few times in case that some content is not uploaded from first time.

Also, thi is support forum for Perth theme, so please post your question here

All the Best!


There were Blank Spaces in the services