Blank page if not using Last News widget


I’m working on a personal website ( and I have a problem with editing pages. I have used the “Last news” widget in every page, but now I need to delete it from some of them: the problem is that when I delete it from any page, I get a full blank page, and the other blocks (i.e. parallax images, simple HTML blocks, text…) disappear.

In other words: I get only blank pages (with logo, menu and footer, but no content) anytime i DON’T use “Last news” widget in them.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve that?

Thanks and BR,


Dear Gerry,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

I thought I should do direct inspection and debugging on your site. Would you mind to give me a temporary access to your site admin area and FTP account? You could send the login credentials to my email kharisblank at gmail dotcom with link to this topic.