Blank page after fresh install


Everything was working fine yesterday. When I did the update it stopped working.
I also did a complete fresh install today to confirm, and yes I have just a blank page.

After checking the logs I found an error complaining about this file missing:

It seems that there is something wrong with the importer now.

Thank you

Having exactly the same issue - just did a fresh install and a blank front page in both the customiser and when editing in Elementor. All worked fine when I did a different install last week.

Guys, if either of you is able to enable WP_DEBUG and report the error it would be a great help in figuring out the issue, as currently we cannot replicate it:

We figured out the issue, something went wrong during the update regarding the file structure. An update will be available shortly.

Just to add, the update (1.0.5) is now available.

That’s great, it’s working fine for me now - thanks for your prompt action on this!

It works for me. thank you for that!